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Whipporwhill Pea

Whipporwhill Pea

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Vigna unguiculata

The Whippoorwill pea, is an heirloom cowpea popular in the early 1800's, and potentially one of the earlier cowpeas brought into the U.S. by African people. Formerly called the Shinney pea, enslaved farmers grew it for their own sustenance before it became popular throughout the South. The plants are productive, hardy, semi-vining. Whipporwhill peas are brown or pale brown with darker brown speckles and are creamy, rich and earthy in flavor.

CONTAINS 34% HARD (DORMANT) SEED. Total viable seed: 87%. Germination (not including hard seed): 53%

For best germination, soak seeds for up to 24hrs before planting.

85 seeds min.

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