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Moses Smith Yellow Cabbage Collard

Moses Smith Yellow Cabbage Collard

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Brassica oleracea

Moses Smith Yellow Cabbage Collard is a unique collard variety originating from Moses Smith, an African-American farmer in Scotland Neck, North Carolina. Smith has cultivated and preserved this variety for a decade, initially obtaining it from a Virginia nursery. In 2003, he shared seeds with Dr. Edward Davis, a geography professor, who contributed them to the USDA Accession for heirloom collard preservation. The Seed Savers Exchange received this rare heirloom in 2016 and through the Heirloom Collards Project, is helping to regenerate variety as well as others. We grew out this variety for the Heirloom Collards project to help keep it alive and make it accessible to others. 

This collard features enormous leaves bigger than a dinner plate! The leaves are light green to blue-green color with pale stems. Despite the name, most of the plants do not form a cabbage head or only form a very loose head. The plants grow twice as wide as they are tall, typically measuring 10.5-22in tall and 23-40in wide. After a frost, the greens from this variety get sweeter and more tender.

250 seeds min.

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