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Green Striped Cushaw Squash

Green Striped Cushaw Squash

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Curcurbita argyrosperma

The Green Striped Cushaw squash has white and green striped skin and pale yellow-orange flesh. The crook-necked, pear-bottomed fruits grow to 10-20lbs. It is attractive enough to pose as an ornamental gourd but even better as a meal. The flavor is light and fresh, and mildly sweet. It takes on other flavors well and can be enjoyed sweet or savory, prepared like any other winter squash or pumpkin.

The Green-striped Cushaw squash is traditionally enjoyed in southwestern Indigenous nations, southern Appalachia and parts of the southeast. I grow this squash every year, in honor of my great-grandfather, who loved it and grew it in his garden in North Carolina. My favorite preparation is as a custard-y spiced pie.


30 seeds per packet


Photo credit: Truelove Seeds
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