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Gboma Leaf Eggplant

Gboma Leaf Eggplant

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Solanum macrocarpum

Gboma is an African species of eggplant, grown for its edible and nutritious leaves. The plants are short, about 2-4 ft in height and width. Leaves and stems can be picked when young and tender, and then blanched and sautéed or prepared similar to collard greens. The small, eggplant-like fruits can also be eaten when picked green. All parts of the plant are bitter and nutrient-rich. The plants tend to develop thorns as they mature, so pick the youngest parts of the plant and be careful if harvesting fruits. Gboma is commonly eaten throughout West, Central, and East Africa, as well as Southeast Asia. The plant is named after a village in Liberia.

60 seeds min.

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